We founded Bloomtown in 2016 after spending two years in Indonesia and witnessing first-hand the the loss of virgin forest that is home to endangered orangutans, tigers and so much of the world’s biodiversity.
We were horrified to learn that so many of our store-bought products had less than ethical ingredients, sometimes in the form of SLSs, parabens, cetearyl alcohols, polysorbates and many other guises. That’s when we decided it would be our mission to create a “”checks all the boxes”” body & skincare company to offer concerned consumers truly ethical & cruelty-free alternatives.

Our multi-award-winning products beautifully scented and inspired by the woods, gardens, groves, and other charming nooks of our ideal green community, where every ingredient is nourishing and sustainable.

Expertly formulated and lovingly hand-crafted in our workshop in gorgeous Cornwall.

The UK’s 1st Independently Certified Palm Oil-Free Company
Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free
Natural & Organic Ingredients
Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging
No Sulphates
No Parabens
No Petrochemicals
No Phthalates
No Synthetic Colours

We are passionate about making a difference and giving back. We proudly donate 10% of our profits to environmental & social causes.